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My Lord, Have the Elves been eaten by Ratmen? No Elf has been seen in the Army of Hate lately, but the rats swarm over all. An expedition from Lyonesse has been overrun. Can nothing stop these vermin?

Background Background

Refugees from various worlds have gathered here on this continent.  This place, once the seat of a vast and ancient empire, is now only strewn with the rubble of a fallen civilization, a monument to ancient power and influence.  As these armies collect themselves to establish new nations among the ruins of fallen empires, they must overcome not only the dangers inherent to any such wild, untamed land, but also the ambitions and goals of each other...

Factions Factions

  • Tom - Whatever he feels like playing at the moment
  • Chris - The Kingdom of Lyonesse
  • Brandon - Demons
  • Jim - Basilea

Starting Hexes Starting Hexes

  • Tom - 1513
  • Brandon - 3208
  • Chris - 0920
  • Jim - 2503

Map Points of Interest Map Points of Interest

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Points of Interest
Hex Number Description
0302 The Ruined Fortress of Karak Victus
0310 The Ruined Village of King's Grove
0717 The Ruined Town of Salmon Shoal
0815 The Ruined Temple of Mer-Poseidon
0908 The Ruined Hamlet of Pinac
1107 The Ruined Temple of Pelor-Carnac Astris
1304 The Ruined Town of Northbay
1321 The Ruined Temple of Nerull Sundered
1416 The Ruined Temple of Pelor-Carnac Eternal
1808 The Ruined Temple of Sylvanna Ascendant
1820 The Cave of Hopelessness (Named after the famous explorer Reginald Hopelessness)
2116 The Salamander's Nest (volcano)
2215 Source of the River Westfall
2415 Mount Eyrie, tallest mountain on the Shrouded Island
2423 The Ruined Keep of the Dark Dagger
2503 The Mountain Hold of Thunder Peak
2507 Source of the River Erenin
2606 The Ruined Town of Mountain Root
2618 The Ruined Temple of Mer-Poseidon Merciful
2914 The Ruined Town of Peach Island
3109 The Bottomless Chasm
3112 The Ruined Hamlet of Rockbay
3118 The Ruined Hamlet of Scallop's Blessing
3216 The Ruined Temple of Poseidon Attendant
3218 The Sea Wizard's Tower Lighthouse
3322 The Ruined Town of Thunder Bay
3606 The Ruined Town of Shark's Mouth


The Shrouded Island The Shrouded Island

Campaign Rules Campaign Rules

Starting Army Pool:  3,000 Points

Army Sizes:

  • Field Army Size: 1,000 - 2,000 points
  • Town/City Garrison: 500 - 3,000 points

Army Composition:

The army list doesn't need to be created prior to the first game.  After that, the list is locked in for that army.  (This is to allow for units to gain experience over the course of the campaign.) 

Turn Sequence:

Each turn represents one month in the game world.

  1. Give one order to each field army. 
  2. Once all orders have been issued, orders will be resolved in random order.
  3. Fight battles
  4. Roll to recover losses
  5. Apply experience/upgrades
  6. Swap units

Available Orders:

Each turn you can give each army one of the following orders:

  • March!  (If an army has fought a battle this turn, this order is cancelled.)
  • Rest.  The army does not move.  If it is not attacked during this turn, it recovers some of its strength (see below)

When an army marches into a new hex, the result depends on what is already there:

  • Nothing (including undefended cities):  The hex is captured by the army
  • An enemy army: FIGHT!!!!
  • An enemy garrison: FIGHT!!!!
  • Another battle in progress: The army chooses a side to help, or can fall back to its starting hex.

Note:  If the army moves into a hex occupied by an enemy army AND an enemy garrison, the battle begins with the field army as normal, and the garrison may enter on turn D3+1 on its own table edge.

Note:  If the army joins a battle in progress, the army will enter the battle on a random flank edge on turn D3+1.

Note:  At most, 2 additional armies may join a battle in progress.

Recovering Strength:

If an army receives a Rest order, it may recover strength if it is not attacked this turn.

Roll 1D6 for each 100 points below strength the total pool is at.  (Round up)  For each successful roll, add 100 points' worth of units.  Unspent points are lost. 

Units can be disbanded voluntarily.

To roll a success:

  • Army is in its own Capital 2+
  • Army is in one of its own towns 3+
  • Army is in a captured town 5+

For example:  Am army is at 480 points and in the same hex as a friendly town.  The player's total army pool is at 1340.  Roll 7 dice.  For each roll of 3 or better, the player may add 100 points to the army.

Generating a new army:

At the end of each turn, a new army can be generated at the Capital using the same rules as restoring armies.  Remember that you can never exceed the total campaign army pool size.  New units generated at the capital may be added to a new field army or to the Capital garrison.

Growing and Shrinking Armies:

If an army is in the same hex as a town or city, and no battle took place there in that turn, It may drop off or pick up as many points as desired (after rolling to recover losses).  Be sure that neither the army or the garrison dips below minimum size.

Fighting Battles:

Fight battles using scenarios from the Kings of War books.

Results of Battle:

The losing army/armies must retreat to:

  • A friendly hex containing a friendly army or garrison (unless a battle took place there.)
  • A friendly empty hex
  • The friendly Capital (If there is no battle, or a battle has been resolved)

The army may be added to the Capital garrison.

Units after the battle:

Recovery points may be spent to restore units, upgrade existing units' sizes to the next level or add magic artifacts, if those units were still on the table at the end of the battle.

Units that were routed during the battle must roll a D6 for each unit:

  • 1-2 The unit has been too badly scattered and is removed from the list
  • 3-4 The unit regroups into the next smaller size.  If there is no smaller size, the unit is scattered and removed from the list.
  • 5-6 The unit is restored to its full strength.  It may be upgraded just like units that were on the table at the end of the battle.


  • Each unit on the table on the winning side gains 1 experience point
  • Each unit on the table on the losing side gains 2 experience points

When a unit has gained at least 1 experience point per 40 points of the units value (rounding up and including all upgrades, including magic artifacts), it becomes a Veteran Unit

Example: A unit that costs 150 points needs 4 experience points to level up.

A vetran unit may choose one Veteran Special Rule from the following list:

  • Headstrong
  • Elite
  • Vicious
  • Iron Resolve
  • Brutal
  • Fury
  • Pathfinder

Once a unit levels up, its experiendce is reset to zero.  To gain another level, it needs 1 experience point per 30 points of value, so a 150 point army would require 5 experience points to level again.

To gain a third level, it takes 1 experience point per 20 points of value, so a 150 point unit would need 8 experience points.  This is the max level.