Commander, The Protectorate of Menoth has successfully taken control of a Cygnaran factory. They must be stopped!

Battle College Battle College

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The Story The Story

The MacGuffin (also known as the #13 combo meal) is a lost artifact unearthed in the barren desert of the Protectorate of Menoth.  It is said that whoever consumes the MacGuffin will be blessed with eternal life, omniscience and painful, nightmarish diarrhea.  (Totally worth it.) 

It is said that the MacGuffin is made from the meat of a Golden Dragon, cheese made from the milk of a Gorgon, and pickles grown in the graveyards of dead warriors.  It is seasoned with pure awesomesauce, and 100% authentic Spice imported from Arrakis. 

Who will possess the MacGuffin?  More importantly, who will dare consume it? 

Playas Playas

Name Faction Points
Chris Protectorate of Menoth 45
Dolly Retribution of Scyrah 0
Drew Khador 0
Sean Cygnar 25

Game Log Game Log

Date Victor Vanquished Victor Points Vanquished Points
16 May Chris Sean 45 25

Rules Rules

The goal of the campaign is to be the first player to achieve 500 points.

Scoring Points:

You score points by playing games against other campaign players.  The games can be of any size, using any scenario.  At the end of each game:

  1. Tally up the points value of all surviving models on your side.  Damaged units at 50% or greater strength but less than 100% strength are worth half their value.  Units below 50% strength are worth no points.  Damaged warjacks are worth full points as long as they were still in play at the end of the last turn.
  2. Add all the points for enemy units completely destroyed.
  3. +25 points for winning the game.
  4. +10 points for both sides in a draw
The total number of points are then added to that player's campaign points.

Miscellaneous rules:
  • The first player to reach 500 points is the campaign winner.  In the event that 2 or more players reach 500 points at the same time, the winner is whoever has the highest total.
  • Games may be played at any time.  The campaign begins on 5 May and ends when a winner is determined. 
  • Note that 3rd Edition of Warmachine is due to come out in June of this year.  Players are free to switch to the new Edition or continue to play in 2nd, as desired.  Once the new version of the game is out, this may change if it would have a drastic impact on game vistory points.
  • New players may enter the campaign at any time with the approval of the other players and GM (me). 
  • Game results MUST be reported in the results thread on this message board.  No other communication method is acceptable.  This way we have a record that can be checked and referenced.
  • Yes, there is a prize for the winner.
  • If there are any questions, post them in this thread.
  • Players may use Mercenaries, if their army is normally allowed them.
  • Factions may be chosen from any of the Warmachine or Hordes official factions.
  • Factions may not be changed in mid-campaign.