Mission Briefing Mission Briefing

Near the center of the Storm Zone a very unusual star system has been detected.  It exists entirely within Nebula SL-362 and until now, was unknown.  The system is composed of 3 terrestrial planets separated by asteroid fields.  the planets' orbits are not believed to be stable due to drag from the particulate matter in SL-362 and the "windward" side of the planets are constantly bombarded by intense radiation and electromagnetic activity.  

Solar wind from the star (named Melchior, or Mu Cestus)  has blown the nebula out enough that the innermost world is affected the least by the nebula, but the outermost world suffers the most.  

At first, the system was largely ignored since colonization is, for all intents and purposes, impossible and any strategic natural resources would be far too hazardous to mine.  The militaries and governments of the varios factions have decided to ignore the system...

...until now.

A small convoy of Directorate trade vessels, hiding from Terran Alliance hunter fleets, had taken refuge inside the nebula and detected a faint signal eminating from Mu Cestus II.  Identifying the signal as being centuries old Terran military, they began recording as much data as possible.  Lacking the equipment to land on the planet to investigate, they instead transmitted this information out of the nebula as soon as the coast was clear.  They made for home, but were waylaid by one of the hunter fleets and their ships captured.

Now, the Terran Alliance has recovered this valuable intel from the captured merchantmen, and has decided to send a small fleet of ships to SL-362 and investigate the surface of Mu Cestus II as wall as survey the other worlds of the system.  Meanwhile, Dindrenzi vessels, operating near the system, intercepted the Directorate ships' transmission and their government has similarly sent a fleet to the region for the same purpose.

A shadowy faction of the Terran Alliance Space Navy, believed to be operating under orders from an entity outside the Admiralty, has sent several vessels completely apart from the main fleet, with orders all its own.  They use the same general classes and types of ships as TASN, but these vessels do not appear on any naval list and their markings are not TASN regulation.

What lies within SL-362?  What secrets are down on the surface of the worlds of Mu Cestus?  Who will learn the truth first. and who will win the contest over whatever tresures may lie buried on these forgotten worlds?