The Dying Light The Dying Light

It is the year 2523 (Imperial) and all is not well in Stirland, in the eastern Empire.

Having declared independence for Sylvania from the Empire, the wicked Vampire Mannfred von Carstein has once again risen to power and, believing he has a legitimate claim to the Imperial Throne, is now in a position to openly make war upon the Empire.  The entire province of Sylvania is now cloaked in an unnatural darkness that covers the land in twilight even at high noon.  Crops are failing, thes pirits of men are low, the land is dying.

Emperor Karl Franz cannot afford to divert much military force away from the North, where the brave defenders of the Empire are barely holding back the tide of Chaos fueled Northmen.  He has therefore sent letters to old allies and those friendly to the Empire for aid.  The Elves of Ulthuan have sent  two detatchments to assist the men of the Empire, and even the ancient Kings of Khemri, their hatred for their vampiric cousins strong, have agreed to send an army to help drive Von Carstein's forces back into the dirt where they belong.

Von Carstein however, is not without allies of his own.  Always eager to thwart any undertaking by their cousins of Ulthuan, the Dark Elves of Naggaroth have sent a force to support Von Carstein.  Additionally, an army of Northmen have managed to break through the Imperial defenders and has arrived in Sylvania to throw in their support of the Vampires.  Finally, dark magics and pacts with Chaos have attracted the notice of the Beasts of the woods of Sylvania, and these assets now fight for Von Carstein as well.

The fate of the Empire may well hang in the balance, and with the Empire out of the way, the forces of evil would sweep unopposed into the fertile lands of Bretonnia, and across he sea to Ulthuan.  Such a tide would be night unstoppable.  The Von Carsteins must be stopped now.  Sylvania must be pacified and brought back under Imperial control.


The Crusade of Light fought valiantly, but they were unable to stop the hordes of evil.  Von Carstein is in firm control of Sylvania now, and all hope for the people trapped under the unnatural darkness is lost.

Perhaps it is not too late.  Perhaps the Forces of Light can rally under a new banner...

Progress of the Crusade Progress of the Crusade

Day 1: The Grand Crusade leaves Altdorf on a river barge, sailing eastward along the River Reik.

Day 7: The Grand Crusade lands on the western shore of the Helsee and disembarks.

Day 14: The Grand Crusade arrives at Ulfheim and splits

Day 20: The Volkmar contingent arrives at Fort Oberstyre and performs a Grand Exorcism, cleansing the ancient fortress

Day 20: The Witch Hnuter Volkmar sends a message to the Light Wizards at Templehof

Day 21: The Light Wizards of Templehof strike out toward Vargravia to recover light artifacts to assist the Crusade

Day 23: The main body of the Crusade arrives at the base of Konigstein Tower

Day 23: The Battle of the Midnight Hunt is fought, the Crusade suffers its first defeat

Day 30: Both contingents reunite in the town of Deihstein

Day 36: The Great Crusade is ambushed by the allies of Von Carstein at the town of Swartzhafen

Day 36: The Great Crusade suffers its second defeat at the Battle of the Parlay of Blades

Day 37: The Great Crusade sends several contingents ahead to Vargravia to assist the Light Wizards

Day 51: The Battle of the Hidden Necropolis becomes the first victory for the Crusade of Light

Day 56: The Crusade of Light marches on Castle Sternheist...

Day 57- 60: Battle rages before the gates of Sternheiste, and the Forces of Light crusade is broken, driven into the hills.  Elements of surviving units trickle back out of Sylvania, but it is estimated that fewer than ten percent of the warriors who enteres Sylvania actually returned home alive.

Victory Points Tally Victory Points Tally

Crusade of Light: 19

Forces of Darkness: 40

Scenario 4: The Battle of the Barrows Scenario 4: The Battle of the Barrows

The final battle is at hand.  The Crusade of Light, spurred by their victory at the Hidden Necropolis have tracked the evil Forces of Darkness to Castle Sternieste.  The Crusaders are eager to finish off their evil rivals, but what they do not know is that they have been lured here deliberately, for Von Carstein has one more little surprise up his sleeve.

The situation is desperate.  For the Crusade to succeed, they must defeat their enemies utterly.  A marginal victory will not do.  Failure will mean darkness for Sylvania forever...

The Armies

  • Each army will consist of 2,000 points.  
  • The Luminary from scenario 3 must be fielded in the exact same configuration as before.  
  • Similarly, the Champion of the Forces of Destruction will make his stand here, on behalf of his master, and must also be fielded in the exact same configuration as before.  The Champion may be the army General, but does not have to be.
  • The Forces of Destruction must designate one unit to be the Hunters.  (See Scenario Special Rules for details.)  

The Battlefield

The battlefield will be arranged according to the map.  It is a full 6' x 4' table.


Deployment is done according to the alternating deployment method from the main rulebook.  

First Turn

The players roll off for the first turn.

Game Length

Variable.  At the end of turn 5, the Crusade of Lighft player rolls 1d6.  On a roll of 3+, the game continues.  Otherwise the game ends.  If the game continues, at the end of turn 6, roll 1d6.  The game continues on a 4+.  If the game continues, it automatically ends at the end of turn 7.

Victory Conditions

  • The players gain 1 victory point for each enemy unit that has been destroyed or fled off the table.
  • If the Forces of Destruction General is killed, the Crusade of Light gains + 1d3 victory points.  (Killed, not fled.)
  • If the Forces of Destruction are able to capture the Wizard of Light, they gain + 1d3 victory points unless the wizard is rescued.  (See the scenario special rules below.)

The winner is the player with the most victory points.  The game can end in a tie.

Scenario Special Rules

Castle Sternieste

The castle is treated as a multi-part building consisting of three interconnected sections, each of which can be assaulted or garrisoned separately.


The Forces of Destruction may choose one unit to begin the game near one of the 3 structures in the middle area of the battlefield.  If so, at the beginning of the game, the Forces of Destruction rolls 1d6 and may place the unit within 6" of whichever structure is indicated by the die roll.

Snatch and Grab

The Hunters unit in the Forces Of Destruction army have neen tasked with capturing the Luminary from the Crusade of Light army.  If the Hunters are on the winning side of a combat with a unit that includes the Luminary, and if the "Dungeon" section of the castle is empty, the Luminary is removed from play.  He has been knocked unconscious and captured.  The Hunters are immediately moved into the Dungeon and garrison it.  (Unit type does not matter.)  The close combat combat is then considered to be a draw.

The Hunters cannot leave the Dungeon for the rest of the game.  If the Crusade of Light succeeds in garrisoning the Dungeon later in the game, the Luminary has been rescued.  (He does not return to the table.  He is too badly injured to participate further.)  

The White Wizards

The Luminary must be deployed at the beginning of the game.  

Crusade Map Crusade Map

Round 4 Matchups Round 4 Matchups

  • Beastmen vs Tomb Kings
  • Dark Elves vs High Elves (Keith)
  • Warriors of Chaos vs High Elves (Tom)


The Battle of the Barrows Map The Battle of the Barrows Map