Random Events Random Events

Spring Season:  Any Dangerous Terrain tests are failed on a 1 or 2. Any Wizards casting spells from the Lore of Life gain +1 to their casting total.

Random Events:


Factions and Teams Factions and Teams

The Second Crusade of Light:

Chris - Bretonnia
Keith - High Elves

Armies of the Reckoning:

Tom - Wood Elves
Brandon - Ogre Kingdoms

The Forces of Darkness:

Drew - Warriors of Chaos (Nurgle)
Doug - Dark Elves

Turn Order Turn Order

Order for Turn 1, Spring Season:







Resolutions Resolutions

To be resolved once battles have taken place

Mannfred's Ambition Mannfred's Ambition

It is a dark time for the lands of the Empire and of the Old World in general.

The First Crusade, called by Grand Theogonist Volkar of the Empire and the alleged 3rd reincarnation of Sigmar, has been thoroughly defeated.  Though Mannfred's plans were slowed down, they have not been stopped completely.  Mannfred von Carstein has decimated the crusaders that went in to vanquish his forces once and for all.  Furthermore, Sylvannia has been cast into an everlasting darkness, cut off from the rest of the Empire.  To add to an already dire situation, the High Elves failed to rescue their future Everqueen Aliathra once more, giving von Carstein more of what he needs to fulfill his unholy ritual.  It is no secret that von Carstein has openly declared alliegance to Nagash and will do whatever it takes to summon him back into the world.  The sacrifice of the future Everqueen, if it is carried out, will bring Mannfred that much closer to his goal.

As for his armies, they have amassed a great undead force which will be left for its defense until Mannfred feels the time is right to strike out.  In the meantime, Mannfred has employed others to carry out his continued offensives against the Empire for him.  The tentative alliance of the Forces of Darkness has been strained due to the departure of the Beastmen.  For now however, the Dark Elves and Warriors of Chaos remain allied with the von Carsteins.  How long this will last is not known.  If Mannfred ever achieved his goal of reviving Nagash, this event could be enough for even the Forces of Darkness to turn on the Vampire Counts.

To defend against these new threats, the leaders of Bretonnia have called for a Second Crusade.  However, only the High Elf forces have survived in great enough numbers to form an army that can have any significant impact.  While this crusade has a much better idea of what their enemies are capable of, it is a shadow of what the first one was.  However, the forces of Light have managed to regroup and still retain an even greater resolve than before to redouble their efforts.

Fortunately, the crusaders are not the only ones who are dedicated to seeing the fall of Mannfred's forces.  The Wood Elves and their Ogre mercenaries have also joined the fight against the Vampires.  Unfortunately, this force, calling itself "The Reckoning", is not here to save the Empire either.  Both factions are determined to clear the realm of any taint of evil, chaos or otherwise regardless of what it takes to do so.  While the crusade cautiously welcomes anyone who will fight against the Vampire Counts and their allies, they strongly disapprove of their rather austere and brutal methods of dealing with anyone in their path.  To the forces of The Reckoning, no measure is too great and no action is too extreme.  Anything and everything must be done to destroy this threat.  Regretably, this may also include the Second Crusade if they make a strong effort to interfere with their operations.

Panic has spread throughout the whole of the Empire and beyond.  The situation could not be more desparate.  If the Empire falls, what will stop the various forces of evil from spreading to other lands?  Will the Forces of Light succeed where their breathren have failed, or will the Empire be overrun?

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