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The Shattered Kingdom Campaign

The Shattered Kingdom is a multi-part campaign. Rise of the Phoenix is the first chapter.

Kidnapped! (Episode 1)

The city of Scon is introduced. The adventuring party is recruited by Count Richard to locate his missing son, Ferrin.

The adventurers followed the clues from the City of Scon to the small town of Alder where they spoke with a local barkeep. The investigation then led them to the wreck of

an ancient Noghiri ship, the Kelanna docked at what was once the fishing village of Kempo. There, they discovered Ferrin being held by Peke and Bolo, agents of Kastelgarde. They had, under the direction of Kasha, kidnapped Ferrin and were holding him there.

It was later revealed that Ferrin had not been kidnapped at all, but had staged the kidnapping as a way to rendezvous with Kasha who was, in fact, his lover.


Adventure Module SL1 Kidnapped! by Chris Jurado

Scouts (Episode 2)

The band of adventurers encountered a Drow Spidermount scout near Scon.

The Ice Temple (Episode 3)

The adventurers are sent far to the north, to the border city of East Keep for a foray into the savage Barbarian lands of the North. There they encountered a pyramid made entirely of ice, and battled several powerful monsters. There, they recovered the wife of Count Richard of Scon who had been taken and frozen there.

Escape From the North (Episode 4)

The adventurers must make their way home to the lands below the Common Wall after their success at the Ice Temple. They are harassed by Barbarian cavalry.

Into the Caverns of the Drow (Episode 5)

The adventurers are asked to stop a Drow vanguard force on its way to weaken the defenses of Scon. There, they encounter several types of Drow Spidermounts in the darkness of the temporary caves being used as a staging area.

Deeper Into the Earth (Episodes 6, 7 and 8)

The adventurers foray deeper into the darkness, searching for remaining Drow forces. They encounter a series of creatures in the darkness and destroy them. Eventually, they arrive at the Dwarven City of Hammerhold under siege by a Drow army.

The Fall of Hammerhold (Episode 9)

The adventurers are welcomed as guests in Hammerhold but during the first night of rest the city is assaulted by the army of the Drow, led by General Devostraxa. The PCs are able to use a series of tunnels and secret rooms to escape the city and return to the surface, where they proceeded to the Dwarven city of Deepthrone.


Adventure Module SL9 The Fall of Hammerhold by Chris Jurado

The Trials of Friendship (Episode 10)

Before the adventurers can be fully accepted into the Deepthrone community, they are given a series of heroic tests to complete. The Trial of Mercy, The Trial of Diplomacy, The Trial of Truth and the Trial of Empathy must all be completed to gain the trust of King Rasalhague.


Adventure Module SL10 The Trials of Friendship by Chris Jurado

The Scepter of Kings (Episode 11)

In order for the Dwarves of Deepthrone to fulfill their new role as the cultural representatives of the Dwarves in Ascon, they must complete the appropriate ceremonies. Unfortunately, the device they need, the Scepter of Kings, is entombed within a section of the city that had been lost in an undead invasion from Kastelgarde. It is up to the adventurers to retrieve it.


Adventure Module SL11 The Scepter of Kings by Chris Jurado

Return to Scon (Episode 13)

The adventurers have returned to Scon at last, finding the city devastated from the Drow invasion. Count Richard has been slain. The city is now under the control of a brutal man named Jorel Kanto who has named himself Warlord of Scon. The adventurers assist in overthrowing Kanto and restoring the rightful heir to the throne, Ferrin I who declares himself King of Ascon.


Adventure Module SL13 Return to Scon by Chris Jurado

With the restoration of the family line to the throne of Ascon, this phase of the Shattered Kingdom campaign, Rise of the Phoenix, ends.

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