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Iamus Baculus

Basic Information

Name Rethis
Full Name Rethis Ve'lere
Class Ranger
Race Elf
Level 4
Alignment CG
Edition(s) 1st and 2nd
Homeland Unknown
Campaign(s) The Shattered Kingdom
Play State On Hold
Status Alive
Player Sean Jurado

Background and Personality

Exiled from his homeland due to insubordination and ruthlessness, Rethis Ve'lere is a somewhat brutal warrior, with a vengeance to bear against the savage and aggressive species of the world, particularly goblins. Rethis is a proponent of a 'no-nonsense' policy regarding his foes. He has little room for mercy to those creatures he considers a blight on the landscape, skirting the line between good and neutrality. He has been called ruthless and bloodthirsty in the past, not entirely unfairly. Regardless, his skill with twin blades is significant, though his patience is lacking.

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