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Note that even though the Empire of Han is now definct, its chronology is still in common use by the majority of people in southwestern Koldor, therefore it is the default calendar for all events addressed in this Wiki.  HIC is shorthand for Han Imperial Calendar, with the year 0 being fixed at the end of the Cataclysm, commonly regarded as the dawn of the new age.  Events taking place prior to this time are expressed as negative numbers.  For example, an event that took place 10 years before the cataclysm would be expressed as -10 HIC.

  • -700 The City of Aqualia is founded.
  • 0 The Cataclysm begins.  For one year the entire world is in a state of violent weather, geological activity and natural disasters.
  • 47 Marcus Barona dies at Aqualia.
  • 547 The First Duncan War begins.
  • 551 The First Duncan War ends.

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