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Welcome to Ith'Meireun #

This wiki is dedicated to the fantasy world of Ith'Meireun, a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons.  While most of the world is original content, there are some imports from materials published by TSR and Wizards of the Coast.  The first map ever created for Ith'Meireun was sketched out in the year 2000 as the tiny coastal hamlet of Bayshore.  Since that time, Ith'Meireun has grown to a full-fledged campaign world with its own history, geography and ecology.

The Ith'Meireun wiki will be constantly growing and expanding.  Be sure to check it often!

Geography of Ith'Meireun

Timeline of Ith'Meireun

List of NPCs of Ith'Meireun

List of PCs of Ith'Meireun

Campaign Arcs

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