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Ith'Meireun is a living, populated world orbiting the star Pelor which is also the name of its patron Sun god in many cultures, especially in the north.

The name "Ith'Meireun" derives from the ancient druidic words "Itanthalsala Mejekereunaye" which translated into Common means "The Arms of the Dragon." It was believed that the planet itself was one massive egg holding the unborn dragon which while not hatched, was aware of the world and allowed life to exist on its surface by sharing its life essence. This belief is still held by druids, although it is seldom spoken of outside druidic circles.

Ith'Meireun is orbited by two moons. The larger and closer of the two is used to measure the passage of months, which last 32 days.


Ith'Meireun was once the 3rd planet from Pelor and had a lush, warm climate and abundant life. Approximately 1,000 years ago a massive war in the Northern Hemisphere angered Pelor and in her rage he flung the world out into the 4th position, bringing the world Kord in to take its place. Ith'Meireun experienced massive tectonic shifts, flooding and eventual freezing as the seas lowered and the landscape was changed dramatically. Ith'Meireun is now locked in a permanent ice age.


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Geography of Ith'Meireun


Ith'Meireun rotates on an axis tilted approximately 15 degrees. This results in relatively little variance between seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres. One day on Ith'Meireun is approximately equal to one day on the planet Earth. (It is actually shorter by 18 minutes.)

Ith'Meireun orbits Pelor once every 18 months.


Ith'Meireun is experiencing an ice age that will last forever. It is not uncommon to find polar glaciers as far south as the 30th parallel especially during winter or farthest approach from Pelor.

Maximum surface temperature has been recorded as high as 95 degrees Fahrenheit in the tropical regions during the Summer. Average Summer temperature for these areas is in the low to mid 80s. High amounts of carbon dioxide in Ith'Meireun's atmosphere as a result of relatively little land vegetation accounts for some of the trapped warmth.

Further from the equator, the temperature decreases rapidly and is completely unlivable beyond the 60th parallel on the surface.



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