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Warhammer Blew Up The World

Yeah by this point people are prettymuch sick of talking about it, hearing about it and reading about it, and so with my perfect sense of timing I've decided at this time to write about it.

My Warhammer mojo has basically been in a coma for the last couple of months.  Games Workshop has been long known to be tight lipped about what's coming down the pipe, but there really are times when you have got to say something for the sake of your own credibility as a company.  Even if it's just something like "Stay tuned, awesome things are coming!  Don't get rid of your armies, there are still climactic battles to be won!"  I dunno something that would at least make us, the fans, feel acknowledged even if there's no other information.

I was talking to a GW guy recently and he is of the opinion that GW does this because of the disastrous Dark Eldar release a few years ago.  (Not this most recent codex, the one before that.)  GW had hyped the army, released info, teasers, pics, etc, and then when the army was finally released, nobody bought it.  So after that, they adopted the approach of saying nothing.

I don't think I can agree with that notion.  I mean, I can understand why GW would have been frustrated by that kind of disaster, and why they would be looking for better ways to do things, but if it really was that incident that led to the current policy of "we will tell you nothing, just trust us," then it comes across as somewhat pouty, as if the company as a while got butthurt and is punishing the fans for it.

And yes, I say "fans" and not "customers" because that's what we are, when you think about it.  We like the fluff, we play the game, we want more.  

But if I could say one thing to GW about this, it would be that goodwill is a finite resource, and it's burning up        RAPIDLY right now.  A lot of people have found other games to play while we're waiting for the other shoe to drop with Fantasy.  Some of them will come back when 9th Edition drops, some won't.  Will the number of new players GW hopes to pick up outnumber the losses they're taking now?  I mean, I'm told the sales numbers aren't as bad as one might suppose for Fantasy sales, and that might even be true.  My guess is that would have to do with the sales of End Times books and models, as opposed to the main line of stuff.  I can't say for sure, I'm not privy to GW's internal sales numbers.  

People keep telling me that Fantasy is still being played, enthusiastically, around here... but I haven't seen a single Fantasy game on any table in any local game store in months.  40K, sure, but mostly when I see people playing games they're playing Warmahordes or Infinity or X-Wing.  How is this according to plan for Games Workshop?

I think the main reason I'm mad at Games Workshop isn't bing butthurt because Bretonnia got ignored, then brutalized.  (Haha your whole faction mythos was based on a lie!  SUCK IT.)  It isn't because Bretonnia didn't get any cool End Times gadgets.  I'm mad at Games Workshop because I do love their games and their products and I'm afraid that if they keep doing what they're doing, the company will fail and it'll all go away.  I'm mad at them in the same way you'd be mad at a friend or family member for ruining their life by becoming an alcoholic.  You get mad at them because you love them and hate to see them destroy themselves.

Or maybe I'm completely wrong.  Maybe GW is doing a LOT better than I think and all is truly well... I guess I wouldn't know though, would I?  Games Workshop isn't saying anything.

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Honestly, if you want my opinion I think the final scenario should have been the following:

Nagash wins instead of Chaos. Pure and simple. The story could have had a lot more room for advancement, the world could have been a whole different kind of dark and suck. Not only that, but then all the character development throughout the series would not have gone to waste.

Plus I admit I think Nagash is a much better villain. What remains of the good guys will have to work together to stop him or at least not become part of his undead empire. Bretonnia would have to actually deal with the fallout from all of their stuff, we would get to see how the lives of the Omni elves would have played out had they been required to stay together for the long haul, and more. Chaos still could have a major role, and most importantly, Settra could have led a rebel group of undead. After all, a guy who gets offered more power than Horus in exchange for servitude just flat out saying "NO!" without a second thought deserves a bigger part in the story I think. How many characters actually do that in either Warhammer setting?

So that's my How it Should Have Ended for Warhammer Fantasy. Would be fun to hear other ideas.
Posted on 6/19/15 5:31 AM.

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