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Hollywood, Please Stop.

Your suicide is taking us all down with you.

When Star Wars Episode 8 first came out I wrote that I did not find it to be particularly political.  I was called naïve for this, but I was just being honest.  It's better to give the benefit of the doubt, especially when it's something that has a lot of room for interpretation.

But then, the filmmakers started to react to peoples' criticism in such a way that made it clear that yes, there WERE political elements in the story and yes, it was pandering to specific viewpoints and yes, if you didn't like it that can only mean that you're some form of bigot/hater/whatever.

More fool me for giving that benefit of the doubt, in this case.  

So now Hollywood had doubled, tripled and even quadrupled down with more and more of this political pandering nonsense.  When complaining about this to a friend once, he told me "sci fi has always been political."  Well, yes and no.  Good sci fi can open up our minds to perspectives we hadn't considered, or allowed us to see a different point of view by taking away the normal, mundane elements that normally serve as hints on how we would see things.  That isn't what's happening here.  Good sci fi that's making a point whether it's moral, political, spiritual or whatever will invite all parties to the table.  The show is for everybody, and everybody should come away with something interesting to talk about.  Bad sci fi panders.  It makes a hamfisted point that very specifically lets you know who they think the good guys are and the bad guys are, and points right at them in the audience.  Pandering isn't about discussion or enlightenment.  It's about patting you on the head if you agree with the filmmakers, and demonizing you if you don't.  

Well, if that's the kind of film you want to make, then ok I guess.  It's your right to make whatever kind of movie you want.  Just stop whining about the "toxic fanbase" or moaning over failed merchandising or flagging ticket sales.  When you're going out of your way to alienate and attack a massive chunk of the viewing public then that's the result.   If you want to make profitable movies that only appeal to about half of the general audience, then you'd better tighten your belt and keep your costs down, because as it turns out, the audience isn't as dumb as you thought they were. 

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