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The Force Unleashed: Nerdrage

If you're in the same age bracket as me, you're old enough to have seen the original Star Wars trilogy in the theaters but young enough to have been a kid at the time.  There are a lot of people in this age bracket who are complaining a LOT about the newest film in the series.  "It doesn't feel like Star Wars." or "It's just a rehash of Episode 4." or "This isn't the Star Wars movie I wanted."


Stop, guys.  Please stop. 

You are NEVER going to recapture the wonder of the original trilogy.  Ever.  That isn't the fault of the filmmakers.  It isn't anyone's fault, really.  Just think about it.  When we saw the originals in the theater we were kids.  We were in absolute awe of that gigantic Star Destroyer passing overhead, chasing Leia's blockade runner.  We were hooting with joy as the AT-ATs tripped over the tow cables from the Snowspeeders.  We were mildly confused at a character with an awesome reputation like Boba Fett unceremoniously dropped into the Sarlaac's mouth. 

Do you honestly, seriously expect to feel that again?  Guys, we're in our 40s.  We're kinda old now.  We see the world through very different eyes than we did when we were kids, learning for the first time that Vader was Luke's father.  It's a lot harder to surprise us than it used to be.  It's a lot harder to impress us.  We're just not going to be blown away like we once were.  Sorry guys, but you had better get used to that right now, or don't bother going to see Episodes 8 and 9. 

If you went to see Episode 7 expecting to feel like a kid again, then you were putting some fairly unreasonable expectations on the filmmakers.  This is especially true considering that they were making the first Star Wars movies since the prequels - with which relatively few people were impressed, and the very first Star Wars film with no participation of any kind from George Lucas.  That meant they had to play it a little safe.  They had to convince us that they understand Star Wars so we'd trust them.  I think they were largely successful with that.  Was the movie perfect?  Well no... but I don't recall ever having seen a perfect movie. 

And please, don't trouble me with the plot holes.  Most of the time I think people like to point out plot holes just because it makes them feel smarter than the writers.  Episode 7's plot holes pale in comparison to Leia's idiocy in Episode 4 when she led the Empire right back to Yavin on a ship that she knew was being tracked.  All she had to do was send the Death Star plans in a friggin' e-mail...  So if you want to score points with plot holes, be ready to watch your favorites get massacred.

Was Episode 7 the most original film ever made?  Well not really... but then hollywood has been struggling overall lately to do anything original so this movie is a bit above par for the course, in my opinion.

Look, if you just want to hate the movie then fine, hate it.  Just quit acting like it's because of your astute film critic cred and just admit it's because you're getting too old for Star Wars.  As for me, I'm going to let myself love it because I don't have time to grow up and become bitter.

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