Introduction Introduction

In the devastated lands that were once known as the prosperous Empire of Han, life has begun to return.  Military expeditions, adventurers, even merchant caravans are beginning to move in the bleak landscape to secure, control, and perhaps expliot the remains of he once great nation.

The City-State of Duncan has rien to a full fledged nation, and is even now probing to establish its borders.  Aramat, the former centar of trade and wealth, lies to the north and is under reconstruction, funded by the nation of Saltara and governed by Prince Peter Tormagard.  Even farther north, the ruins of the former capital city of Oberlin are just now being explored by adventurers.

But not all of the life that has returned is civilized, or even human.  Beasts, monsters, unscrupulous people looking for a chaotic and lawless land to establish themselves have also entered the region and have begun to take root.  

Adventurers from all over Koldor are flocking to the region, and most begin by traveling to Aramat to seek warrants to perform lucrative tasks for the newly reviving city.  

What adventures lie in wait?

Episode 1: Greenest in Flames Episode 1: Greenest in Flames

Most adventurers enter the Chaotic Lands by joining caravans setting out from Baron's Rock, the capital of Saltara.  In exchange for meals and transportation, adventurers provide security to the caravan.  The Baron's Rock Adventurers' Guild handles all the particulars.

Your party is one such group, having hired onto the Silver Crown trading caravan, bound for Aramat with food, supplies and mail.  The gnomes of the caravan are polite but not particularly warm, but the journey has been relatively easy so far, with mild weather and an open road.

Several miles into the Chaotic Lands, the Caravan Master informs you that you'll be stopping for the night at a small town called Green Post, or Greenest to the locals.  The town grew up around a waystation for travelers entering and exiting the Chaotic Lands.  

As the caravan approached Green Post, they saw that the town was under attack.  The adventurers found their courage and entered the town, saving nine innocents and bringing them into the Keep.  Once inside, they began to assist with the defense of Green Post,   They slew several raiding parties, defended the sally port, and even drove off the Blue Dragon Lennithon with an improvised weapon!  (Fear the mighty slock!)

It is now one in the morning, and the party is exhausted, but the night's work is far from complete...

Adventurer Roster Adventurer Roster

Name Class
Birel Bard
Bruenor Tempest Cleric
Grimm Rogue
Lander Wizard
Lia War Cleric
Norak Fighter
Sirynin Barbarian


Campaign XP Campaign XP

10 October 2014

XP Per Character: 271

Campaign Map Campaign Map

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